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Fine Art Original Bronze Sculptures

These Bronze Sculptures, are cast from the original animal skulls, so unlike others you may have seen, every beautiful little detail of the original skull, shows in the bronze casting.

Cites Licensing

Many of these bronzes are cast from endangered species, because of our love of all species including humans, we make sure all our endangered specimens have full Cites Licenses. Each bronze taken from an endangered species, has its Cites License Number hand engraved on the bottom of the Bronze.


The Bronzes will have up to date contemporary patinas, these colours all coming from the mind of Stephen Cawston. The Male Bengal Tiger and Warthog Bronze seen here, have a Burgundy/Horse Chestnut patina, with stunning hues of light and dark and highly polished. The Teeth and Tusks will be the polished bronze.

Bronze Skulls Available at this time.

Bull Hippopotamus

Large Female Golden Eagle

Male Bengal Tiger

Female Bengal Tiger


Female Lion


American Bull Bison

Gold and Silver Hippopotamus Bronze Skull
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Silver Male Bengal Tiger Bronze Skull
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Male Bengal Tiger
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Gold and Silver Warthog Bronze Skull
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Gold Female Bengal Tiger Bronze Skull
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Female Bengal Tiger
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Bull Hippopotamus
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Large Estate Bronzes

We are in the process of working on a GIANT MALE BENGAL BRONZE.
Size 4.5 metres long, by 3 metres high, by 3.5 metres wide. Sizes approximate.
These are for order only, please contact us for information.